Biofluent keeps marketers on top of their game.

Content is King when it comes to marketing today, and Biofluent is revolutionizing the way content is created. Just like Uber disrupted the transportation industry, Biofluent has disrupted technical content writing in the life science industry by building an ultra-smooth highway to traffic writing projects to great science writers.
From the inception of an idea to the outlining, researching, writing, and final editing, Biofluent takes charge of a piece of content, accelerating it to the eyes of our clients' customers. As humanity’s breadth of knowledge expands, and the life science industry quickly advances, marketers need to keep up.

Our MISSION is to drive the biotech industry forward by accelerating the sharing of knowledge


Thrown into the deep end during my first marketing job, I found that our group was constantly drowning in writing projects. Small projects like emails or ads, and large projects like brochures or application notes were all getting delayed on a regular basis. We just didn’t have enough people dedicated to writing and editing.

In 2019, I founded Biofluent Communications to be that trusted source for writing and editing that all life science companies need. Within this industry, it’s not enough to hire good writers. Our writers also need to know the language of biology. Not only that, but our writers also need to be able to deliver projects, on time, and with various degrees of direction.

At Biofluent, we carefully vet our writers and spend time developing their writing and communication skills to give our clients a seamless experience. Our goal is to help you get the job done! We invite you to partner with us and get all of those writing jobs that have been planned or put off finished!

PhD, Founder & Managing Partner of Biofluent Communications

Biofluent Partners

Kristen Slawinski, PhD

Founder and Managing Partner

Kristen got her first taste of the biotech industry back in 2003 at Amgen and has never looked back [...]

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Embriette Hyde, PhD

Managing Partner and Head Writer

Embriette first recognized the need for a sea change in science communication while a PhD student at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas [...]

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Core Values

Champion Integrity

Science is built on a foundation of trust. We aim to communicate information backed by evidence, ensuring delivery of accurate and reliable content. Our integrity also extends to our professional commitments. We pride ourselves on adhering to deadlines and delivering high-quality scientific content, every time.

Share Openly

The only way to be heard is to say what you are thinking. Open communication is an absolute necessity when it comes to the creation of something new. We actively encourage transparent dialogue between Biofluent writers and clients.

Foster Respect

To gain respect, one must give respect. We acknowledge that you have a choice to work with us, or not. We believe that a culture of mutual respect is a must for our clients and writers to work harmoniously, and we work diligently to ensure a work environment that reflects this core value.

Cultivate Camaraderie

We recognize that you are a person; a person with a family, and maybe a couple of dogs, and maybe even a horse and some chickens! We don't just want to work with you, we want to connect with you and make things happen as a team.