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Frequently asked questions

Client FAQ

  • How is working with Biofluent different from hiring a freelance writer?




    We rigorously interview every writer to determine their scientific expertise, writing ability, and personality.

    You will spend time interviewing several writers to find the one that best fits your needs.


    Because we work with many qualified writers, there will always be a writer available to complete your project.

    You are at the mercy of your freelancer’s availability at the moment. 

    Scientific Expertise

    Biofluent writers are scientists with backgrounds in an array of disciplines such as microbiology, bioinformatics, neurology, cell biology, genetics, and more. The collective knowledge of our writers spans far beyond what one person is capable of knowing. 

    A single freelancer will have first hand experience in very few disciplines.

    Writing Experience

    Some writers are best at writing manuscripts, and others great at social media posts. Our writers possess varying writing skill sets, allowing us to choose the best writer for each project.

    Only unicorn writers are able to do it all. They’re out there (and we work with them too), but difficult to find.

  • Will I receive a quote for each project?

    For initial or long-term projects, we generate quotes without formal requests. 

    We can generate quotes for all other projects upon request. 

    Projects do not start until the quote is accepted.

  • Will I be able to interview the writer?

    Biofluent writers are carefully vetted for scientific acumen and storytelling ability. It is not standard for our clients to interview the writers before starting a project. However, if an interview is necessary, we are happy to set that up.

  • What is the typical turnaround time for projects?

    Turnaround times for standard projects are in the table below.


    Estimated Turnaround Time

    1000 word Blog

    1 week

    2000 word Blog

    1.5 weeks

    2 Page App Note

    1 week

    4 Page App Note

    1.5 weeks

    6 Page Whitepaper

    2 weeks

    2 Page Flyer

    1 week

    6 Page Brochure

    2 weeks

    4 Pages Website Copywriting

    1.5 weeks

    6 Part Email Campaign

    1 week

    6 Part Social Media Posts

    1 week

    700 word Press Release

    4 days

  • What does Biofluent need to get started on a project?

    We can start with as little as an idea or as much as a fully written document that needs some work. We prefer our clients to complete the ‘Biofluent Project Intake Form’ for standard projects. This form has questions about the content, purpose, audience, timeline, and a section for an outline. The Intake Form is not required to start a project, but it does help us to turn it around more quickly.

  • What is your pricing?

    We charge a per hour rate for most projects although flat rate projects can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. For a quote click here.

  • Do you offer editing services?

    Yes, we edit documents for flow, length, scientific accuracy, regulatory standards, or are able to do complete rewrites if needed.

  • Are you able to do your own research?

    Yes, however, because the scientific literature does not always agree, it is best that we are given a clear direction and desired point of view with several starting references.

  • How do I make a project request?

    New Clients: We recommend an initial conversation to make sure that we are a good fit for your needs. Please submit our contact request form, or email Kristen Slawinski (kristen.slawinski@bio-fluent.com) and Embriette Hyde (embriette.hyde@bio-fluent.com) with a few specifics about your writing needs and availability to meet via Zoom. 

    Existing Clients: We prefer that you complete the Biofluent Project Intake Form and email it to Kristen Slawinski (kristen.slawinski@bio-fluent.com) and Embriette Hyde (embriette.hyde@bio-fluent.com). If you don’t have time to fill out the form, please email us with your general needs and we can discuss a plan of action together.

  • Can I request or choose specific writers?

    Part of the Biofluent service is matching the best writer with each specific project. We know their backgrounds and capabilities and are confident that they will deliver what you ask for. For first-time projects with us, we will choose the best writer for the job.

    If you’ve already worked with one of our writers and would like them to work on another project, you are welcome to request them. However, while our writers do their best to accommodate project requests from specific clients, their current schedule and workload may not work with your timeframe. If a writer is requested and is unable to take the project, we will match the project with another writer with similar background and ability.

  • How do you choose the writer for my project?

    Our writers have varied backgrounds, some with a very strong scientific knowledge base, some with strong marketing skills, and some with both. We know our writers very well and will match your projects with the writer we know will do the best job based on their skill set and knowledge base. We also take into account the writer’s availability so that your projects are always submitted on time.

  • Will I work directly with the writers?

    Yes. Once we have evaluated your specific writing needs, we will connect you directly. 

  • Do you edit the writers' work before submitting a draft?

    We are confident in our writers’ ability to submit solid writing that does not need heavy editing; therefore, we typically do not edit our writers’ work before submitting it. However, specific projects may require a Biofluent head writer to edit the document before sending it to the client.

Frequently asked questions

Writer FAQ

  • How am I matched with projects?

    We take several factors into account when matching writers with a specific project, including your scientific background, writing experience, writing style, availability, rate, and interests.

  • How and when will I get paid?

    Biofluent uses Bill (formerly bill.com) to pay our writers via direct deposit. Our writers are expected to set up a Bill account, which is free to use. Writers will send invoices to Biofluent via Bill and be paid within 30 days (usually sooner).

  • How much do you pay writers?

    Most projects that Biofluent takes on are paid hourly; however, there are some flat rate projects. Your hourly rate is dependent upon your writing experience, which is discussed at the end of the interview process.

  • How can I apply?

    Click HERE for our Careers page, which will tell you everything about how to apply.

  • Will I work directly with the clients?

    Yes. Once you are matched with a client, Biofluent managers will typically introduce you to the client and step back. In the case of new clients or writers with less experience, Biofluent managers may attend meetings with clients and edit your work before sending it to the client.

  • Will Biofluent edit my work before submitting it to their clients?

    Typically, Biofluent managers do not edit your writing before submitting a draft to the client. If you are relatively new to writing, or there is a specific style that we need to get right, Biofluent managers may edit your work before submitting it to the client.